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Sabotage – Student Editors

In 2011, I contacted a local teacher-librarian, Sarah Parmar, to recommend student editors who could review the current draft of SABOTAGE and provide feedback. Sarah enlisted two girls and a boy: Emma Sieben, Emma Parmar, and Andrew Kates. I met with my student editors, explained what I was looking for, and gave each of them a binder with the manuscript and a red pen. A few weeks later we met again and my student editors gave me their verbal reports and their red-inked copies of SABOTAGE. Their feedback was most valuable as I launched into revising the manuscript, both to know what they loved (keep!), what they found boring (cut!), and what they found confusing (clarify). Thank you, Emma, Andrew, and Emma!

Karen Autio and student editors of SABOTAGE

Karen Autio and student editors of Sabotage

Photo of Sabotage Review excerpt

SABOTAGE Review Excerpt