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Picture book for ages 3-7 companion book to I CAN, TOO!


I am now taking bookings for my I CAN, TOO! and PLAYDATE SURPRISE K-3 school presentations
Playdate Surprise      
ISBN: 9781443199810
Release Date: September 3, 2024

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PLAYDATE SURPRISE is a joyful story of friendship and the simple things we can do to make the world a more accessible place!

When Kayla invites Piper over to play, Kayla can’t stop smiling. Even more so when Piper wants to have Kayla come to her house. But the house has a front step, so Kayla can only come on the weekend when her dad can help her get inside. With new adventures in each other’s homes, the girls’ friendship blooms. Piper uses her independent thinking to come up with a surprise for her friend — a surprise that will mean Kayla can come over anytime!