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Making Seaker the novel
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Seaker is a small trackable boat—a constructed model boat or a readymade toy boat—that can be waterproofed.

The key components for tracking are a GPS, transmitter with antenna, solar panel, and high-powered batteries, as used in Making Seaker.

There are multiple ways to combine electronic equipment to achieve the goal of making a small boat trackable.

You could use a simple GPS tracker with lithium battery for short-term tracking. For longer tracking time, you could use a microcomputer, such as a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, or a TTGO GPS with ESP, along with a shield development board like a SIM900 GSM GPRS, with solar-powered batteries. (Equipment is rapidly developing, so what’s mentioned here is likely already outdated!)

Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberry Pi Zero
Arduino and SIM900 Arduino and SIM900

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