Karen Autio

Children’s Author | Editor | Presenter | Sensitivity Reader for Disability Awareness

Student Comments

Comments from Grade 5 students:

"I like the spoon. It was very interesting because I like the Titanic and now I’m interested in the Empress of Ireland."

"Thank you for sharing with us. So far I like how you made them drop the lead in the water. I can’t wait to read your next book!"

“I really loved your presentation! It was super interesting!”

“I love the part you read for us!!”

“I liked the part in your presentation when you showed us how the cover got put together.”

Comments from Grade 6 students:

"I loved the way you read to us. You used powerful words and used a lot of expression. I learned that if you use powerful words and descriptive sentences your story will be more interesting."

"I want to be a writer some day and your presentation showed me that it takes a lot of practice to do that. Thank you. And it helps to do lots of research!!"

"I learned that you have to redo drafts to make your story good."

"I learned that by reading you get better at writing. I liked how you showed pictures of the shipwreck and also how we played 'The Price is Right'."

"I liked it when you read a part of the book. It made me really want to read it. I listened to the way you read and I want to be able to read like that."

"I liked the descriptive words in your story. I think I might buy your book. It was a real grabber."

"I learned that even if writing isn’t what you want to do try it."

"I liked how you read part of the story but only part because now I HAVE TO READ YOUR BOOK!"

"When you read it seemed like I was watching it happen."

"I learned to describe characters and make it like you’re right there beside them."

Comments from teachers:

“Every teacher in attendance at Karen Autio’s book talk on Second Watch had positive things to say following the event.  They were most impressed by how it tied in with the curriculum (i.e. immigration, Canadian history), how she pulled children from the audience to help her demonstrate her points, her discussion of her own dreams during childhood about being a writer and an artist, and about the steps the book went through before publication (e.g. evolution of the cover).  The children were so thrilled with the talk, boys and girls alike, that they couldn’t wait to get their hands on Karen’s book! I would highly recommend Karen Autio’s presentation to other schools!”

Eileen Holland, Teacher, Ranch Park Elementary

“Thanks again for visiting us today! I spoke with many of the students today at recess and they told me they enjoyed your visit very much. They asked me when our next class was, obviously anxious to continue to read> Second Watch. Thanks again for coming and for helping to promote the importance of school libraries.”

Sue Noble, Teacher-Librarian, Shannon Lake Elementary

“Thanks so much for coming to speak to our students. Your presentation was fascinating and so relevant to what the children are learning in immigration. I know the students who have not yet read your book will be pushing to have it read to them or will read it themselves. I can’t wait for the sequel. Thanks again.”

Gabi Byers, Teacher-Librarian, Hudson Road Elementary