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“Thank you for writing a gripping historical novel for children. They thoroughly enjoyed it!​”

Lori Day, Grade 4/5 Teacher, Ellison Elementary, Kelowna, BC

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2015 Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award!

Sabotage cover

Sono Nis Press, 2013

ISBN 1550392085 and
ISBN 13 9781550392081
ISBN 13: 978-1-55039-216-6 (Kindle edition)
ISBN 13: 9781550392081 (Kobo edition)

SABOTAGE: Chapters One and Two

SABOTAGE Student Activity Guide

Karen Autio speaks about "SABOTAGE"

Recipe for German Apple Cake featured at SABOTAGE book launches.


It's 1915 and the Great War is raging in Europe. What does that have to do with Port Arthur, Ontario? Heaps, thinks John Maki. Sure, he's a prankster, but he's also a hard-working newsboy with a secret dream to be a reporter. So he keeps his eyes peeled, waiting for the big story.

His older sister, Saara, has her own concerns, like her goal of becoming a teacher. And like people not speaking to her just because she befriends a German girl! She scoffs at John's suspicions. German spies, blown-up bridges...surely not in northwestern Ontario.

Yet John knows that all of Canada's grain headed for hungry soldiers in Europe comes through Port Arthur first. A saboteur could do plenty of damage to the city, the country, and even the Maki family!

Sabotage is the final book of Karen Autio's trilogy about a Finnish family in early Thunder Bay. This story, told by both Saara and John, takes us into a real-life world of espionage, sabotage, and paranoia - right here in Canada!

SABOTAGE is available in paperback and ebook through
Sono Nis Press 

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Learn how student editors had a role in creating SABOTAGE

Clippings from the Port Arthur Daily News

The Note Book

Spies and Sabotage

Internment and Enemy Aliens

Vernon Internment Camp

View a photo of soldiers guarding the grain elevators in the Thunder Bay area during the First World War (1914–1918).
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View a photo of a Canadian Pacific Railway train travelling over the Nipigon River railway bridge (1885).
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